10 Ways to Love Your Pool

181 Like many things, in order to keep your pool "happy" you need to show it some love-and in return it'll give you some of the best summer memories yet. Never forget to do the following:


1. Skim the debris:

To avoid debris sinking to the bottom of your pool, use a hand skimmer or a leaf skimmer to "catch" the leaves and debris floating on the surface. Do this at least once a week to increase your pool's circulation efficiency.

2. Invest in a creepy:

I'm specifically talking about the one that goes in your pool. Vacuum your pool at least once a week to avoid adding too many chemicals to keep it clean.

3. Clean the filter:

Each filter has different specifications as far as the amount of time you should clean it per month, however you also don't want to clean it too often. Leaving it a little bit dirty makes your filter work a little bit better than being sparkling clean due to the fact that left-over debris helps trap incoming leaves.

4. Maintain the water level:

With the summer heat, your pool will lose some water due to evaporation and actual use of your pool. Always ensure the water levels are kept relatively even to avoid damage to your pump. Add water by using a garden hose.

5. Check the PH levels:

Using home test-strips are the easiest to use to check the health your pool. A reading between 7.2 and 7.8 is both safe for swimmers and good for your pool's health. You can use this information to indicate what kind of chemicals your pool needs.

6. Repair leaks:

To avoid unnecessary water loss and slow deterioration of your pool, have your leaks detected and repaired before they turn into bigger and more costly problems. Your pool will thank you in the long run!

7. Use a good chlorine:

Over-use of chlorine can form chloramines which gives your pool that potent chlorine smell. In order to counteract that, you need to give your pool a shock - to restore the correct chlorine levels. This means adding a large amount of chlorine to make the smell go away. Read the instructions first before adding more chlorine, or maintain the levels correctly by using a test kit on a regular basis.

8. Fit a safety cover:

This is not only a good idea for protecting your family, but it'll keep unnecessary debris out of your pool and keep the ph levels where they should be. In return, saving you money.

9. Do a make-over:

Renovating your pool would make an old, outdated one seem like brand new. We all need a little lift-me-upper treatment every once in a while, including your pool. By replacing the tiles, or changing the light bulbs, your pool could look a whole lot different on a small budget.

10. Enjoy it:

Lastly, your pool just want to be enjoyed by its people. It's no use giving it a make-over and making it look sparkly if you're never going to use it. Make amazing summer memories by sharing it with friends and family! Just remember to always keep an eye on children around the swimming pool to avoid tragic accidents.


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