About Us


The original business was founded in 1955 and Penguin Pools Pretoria is owned by Mr JP du Plessis.  It is a family owned and managed business.  

The first Penguin Pool was built in 1955 for Dr Mickey Finn in Craighall Park.  The name Penguin Pools was registered 1957 and the first franchise was bought in 1965 by Drs Goldberg from the East Rand.  In 1960 Mr CC Klopper was the first full time salesman for Penguin Pools and one of the very first pools ever built for public use was for Mr Bruce Mitchell ex Springbok cricket captain in Abbotsford Johannesburg in the 1950s.

Fibreglass pools are manufactured since the 1980s and the present factory was opened in February 1993 and by mid 1996 almost 5 000 pools were manufactured.  During the same time Skipper Developments has built 4 000 swimming pools and Penguin was building an average of 1 219 swimming pools per year all over the country.

Today, Penguin Pools has built in excess of 65 000 pools country wide.  No wonder we are applauded as the biggest swimming pool company in South Africa.


Penguin Pools' head office and warehouse is next to the N1 in East Lynn, Pretoria.  Penguin Pools was the first company to start " a no deposit - 5 years to pay" scheme from an idea Dr Finn picked up in America.  We have four appointed manufacturing agents worldwide and 16 different shapes and sizes swimming pools.  We use only the highest quality approved products and the best pattern makers and engineers the industry has to offer.

Today a large percentage of pools all over South Africa carry the Penguin label.  We have manufacturing agents in Pietermaritzburg and Port Elizabeth and we have established a Penguin agent in Israel.  Penguin has a national network of companies in most major cities and provinces with staff selectively chosen for their in-depth capabilities.

We also supply to wholesalers, while manufacturers regularly approach us to become sole agents.  Penguin employs environmentally friendly practices with regards to waste disposal, selecting eco-friendly suppliers, in our factories and in the cleaning of all work sites.  We employ electricity power saving methods and state of the art energy saving filtration systems.


Our Mission
To continue to run a professional business, based on wholesome family values, to provide clients with a swimming pool service that makes them feel at home.  To care for our clients like a family cares for a baby - with love, tenderness and care.

To continue to revolutionize and be the leader in the swimming pool industry for years to come.

Work Ethic
Penguin Pools believes in a work ethic of transparency, participative management and not only looking after our clients and agents, but after our staff members as well.  We accept that a satisfied client is a client for life and a happy staff member is a productive staff member.  We have open communication channels and regular sales meetings and training sessions.

We have 11 employees who boast more than 25 years of service each.  Our employees are a mix of seasoned and young professionals. We believe in equality and career advancement.  We acknowledge that a growing and prosperous business is beneficial to all stakeholders.

Why use a Penguin member company to build your pool?

  • Each member company is financially stable and selected through a strict process
  • Penguin offers superior construction specifications and high standards of workmanship with a lifetime guarantee on the gunite shell
  • Penguin has matchless engineering services, combined with quality materials, equipment and workmanship
  • Penguin pools are professionally designed, aesthetically, as well as structurally
  • Penguin has built thousands of pools of almost every conceivable size, shape and type
  • You are assured of the most modern and up-to-date know-how and technology in the industry
  • Penguin operates their business efficiently and can therefore give you more pool for your money
  • Penguin's legacy guarantees that we will stay in business long enough to provide after sales service and support
  • Penguin has won all top awards at various institutes, agricultural shows, large organisations and financial institutes