When Chlorine is your perfume and H2O is your chemical element

It is a scorching summer’s day, the perspiration is pouring down your face, you desperately want to spend the day outside, but it is just too hot.  Adding insult to injury is listening to your neighbours laughing and playing in and around their tempting, sparkling swimming pool.

The first swimming pool, known as the "great bath", existed over 5000 years ago in the Pakistani city settlement of Mohenjo-daro.  It was the earliest public water tank in the ancient world and according to speculation, it was used for special religious functions where water was used to purify and renew the wellbeing of the bathers.

But the most prominent pool history comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans. A major change in the quality of life occurred in these times as individual wealth increased and with this increase in the standard of living, came luxuries such as pools.

The first Penguin Pool was built in 1955 for Dr Mickey Finn in Craighall Park.  Today, Penguin Pools has built in excess of 65 000 pools country wide  and a swimming pool is no longer regarded as a luxury only the rich can afford, but rather a delight that changes the quality of one’s life. Having your own private swimming pool provides recreation and relaxation, improves the aesthetic value of your home and is an excellent way to exercise and keeping a healthy heart alive.

But, like any other investment, you need to do proper research and select your swimming pool company carefully.  Penguin Pools is one of the foremost swimming pool companies in South Africa and when you are ready to invest in your first pool, don’t rush and rather contact Penguin as a swimming pool cannot be traded in later.  We offer many appealing and exciting models to choose from and once the swimming pool is installed, it has an influence on your budget, safety, lifestyle, social life and quality family time.

Things to consider when purchasing a swimming pool:

  • Select the size and model of pool that would suit and enhance your property and lifestyle
  • Set a budget.  Keep in mind that, apart from the pool itself, there are additional costs such as cleaning equipment, chemicals, safety equipment,  accessories and continuous maintenance
  • Interview service providers, compare quotes, ask for references and look at actual examples of their work
  • Familiarize yourself with the municipal rules and regulations
  • Choose the right time to install a pool.  The demand for swimming pools is higher during the summer months and stock is limited. During fall and winter there are several advantages and sample stock is available
  • The colour of the pool bottom also determines the temperature of the pool. A darker coloured pool bottom would attract and retain the sun's heat. People living in warmer climates might prefer a lighter colour to keep the water cooler

Types of pools

A Gunite or concrete pool is permanent and smaller size pools are slightly more expensive.  This pool is an in-ground swimming pool and can be built to any design and shape.  Possibilities with a gunite pool are endless.  It lends itself to free-form pools, decks, steps and interesting shapes and curves, while it is highly resilient.

The fiberglass pool is less expensive than a Gunite pool as it is a one piece insert that is placed into the ground.   These pools perform well in any climate, installation is quick and they are easy to clean and use less chemicals. When installing a fibreglass pool from a sophisticated manufacturer – the guarantee is the same as for Gunite pools.

Pool Heating 
There are various options to consider for swimming pool heating.  Today's pool heating options are more efficient and effective than ever before, because everybody is looking towards greener options and ways to reduce their heating costs, emissions and use of fossil fuels.

The swimming season can be extended by investing in one of the following heating options:

Solar Blankets
A solar blanket captures heating energy from the sun and can be used for in-ground as well as above-ground pools.  Water temperature is raised by some 15° and it helps retain heat from a traditional pool heater or heat pump when the pool is not in use.

Solar Heating Systems
Solar heating systems are available for in-ground pools, above-ground pools and spas and can raise your water temperature by a fair amount of up to 15°, without increasing your electricity bill.

Pool Heaters
Pool Heaters offer the fastest method of heating your pool water. There are various energy efficient pool heaters on the market.

Heat Pumps
 Heat pumps are quiet, easy to operate and save electricity.  A heat pump removes heat from the surrounding air and transfers the heat to the swimming pool water by means of a heat exchanger.

Pool Safety
Consider the safety of your family and friends.  The risk of mishaps should always be kept in mind. A swimming pool is a source of delight, but without safety precautions it can become a concern.
Safety measures around the pool:

  • Self-closing and self-latching gates
  • Anti-entrapment drain covers
  • A manual or motorized safety cover placed over the water’s surface
  • A barrier or fence that surrounds the pool so that access to the water is limited to adults
  • Alarms for doors, gates and windows leading to the pool, designed to alert adults when unsupervised children enter the pool area
  • Last, but not least – teaching everyone in the family to swim and emergency reaction and measures

Seasonal Care
The different seasons require different swimming pool care.

A few useful tips:

  • Keep outdoor pools filled with water to be less exposed to the effects of the weather and to prevent damage by objects falling into it
  • Adding chemical agents for the duration of the winter will prevent lime deposits or algae growth and make the spring cleaning easier 
  • pH control is very important during the winter – most staining occurs during this time due to relaxed maintenance
  • Lower water temperatures demand less chlorine and pump run time   
  • Although maintenance is reduced it has to be kept up throughout the winter 

  • Clean filters, cartridges and salt cells
  • Get the water tested for hardness, phosphates, stabilizer, as well as chlorine and pH. If you have a salt generator, it is time to get your salt level checked
  • Check sand filters and replace sand if necessary
  • Start using solar blankets to extend the swimming season
  • It is the ideal time for an acid wash
  • Check the condition of safety, pool and maintenance equipment

  • Remove the solar blanket
  • Higher water temperatures and swimming activity demand more chlorine and pump run time
  • Regular maintenance of filters, cartridges and salt cells necessary
  • Weekly adding of chemicals and pool cleaning necessary
  • Double check safety equipment

  • Time to start using those solar blankets and heaters
  • Clean filters, cartridges and salt cells
  • Time to start thinking about remodelling and renovating
  • Proper cleaning of tiles, equipment and accessories
  • The ideal time for acid washing, re-plastering, etc.

At Penguin our legacy affords us financial stability, sound structures and the ability to offer substantial guarantees.  A combination of incomparable engineering and top quality materials and equipment allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive swimming pool service unmatched by others.
It is a special moment the first time you use your own swimming pool.  You feel like a millionaire, spoilt rotten and king of your own backyard.  The moment is full of promise of many joyful swimming years to come.

Just keep in mind that swimming pools require constant attention, but if you team up with Penguin Pools and you are ready to put in a few hours every week towards pool maintenance, you and your pool will live happily ever after.

From Our Family to Yours – Our Reputation Holds a Lot of Water