When Chlorine is your perfume and H2O is your chemical element

It is a scorching summer’s day, the perspiration is pouring down your face, you desperately want to spend the day outside, but it is just too hot.  Adding insult to injury is listening to your neighbours laughing and playing in and around their tempting, sparkling swimming pool.

10 Ways to Love Your Pool

181 Like many things, in order to keep your pool "happy" you need to show it some love-and in return it'll give you some of the best summer memories yet. Never forget to do the following:


1. Skim the debris:

How to make your pool temperature appropriate for each occasion

183 Swimming Pools Pretoria Sitting in afternoon traffic is one of the greatest examples of when people crave a dip in their swimming pool the most. The horrible part is that by the time you get home and soak your toe for a few seconds, the water is unbearably cold and you decide that relaxing on the sofa in front of a fan is a better option.