Fibreglass Pools

2.950m x 2.000m
3.350m x 2.320m
3.340m x 1.990m
3.350m x 2.800m
1.000m - 1.370m
3.000m x 4.000m
4.000m x 3.000m
1.050m - 1.450m
4.970m x 3.000m
5.000m x 3.000m
1.070m - 1.500m
5.100m x 3.500m
1.000m - 1.600m
6.000m x 3.000m
1.050m - 1.550m
6.000m x 3.080m
1.000m - 1.620m
7.000m x 3.400m
1.000m - 1.550m
7.000m x 3.500m
1.000m - 1.650m
8.000m x 3.080m
1.010m - 1.630m
8.010m x 3.800m
1.000m - 1.570m
8.000m x 3.900m
1.020m -1.720m
10.000m x 4.000m

Penguin Pools pre-moulded fibreglass shells are in demand and are the first and foremost choice of South Africa. We supply nationally and internationally and having manufactured over 20 000 fibreglass shells, we are experts in our field. (Audited figures available)

Penguin Pools is a member of the international PCISA institute, our fibreglass shells are known for their quality.

With the best warranty and aftercare service back up in the market, Penguin Pools is the longest standing Pool Company in South Africa. Since 1955, we have been dedicated to going the extra mile for our clients.

By invitation, Penguin Pools is the only swimming pool company within South Africa to be part of the Master Pools Guild USA; a worldwide renowned institute that selects one Pool company per country outside of the United States of America to be a member on the recommendation of top suppliers of equipment and maintenance items in the swimming pool industry.

Penguin Pools uses the core matt HDL (high density lamination) method, ensuring that our pre-moulded fibreglass shells are extremely durable. When installed by Penguin pools, we are so sure of our product that we are willing to guarantee a lifetime enjoyment of the structure of the fibreglass shell. When installed by the customer, we will still guarantee the shell itself for a period of 10 years. This is the best guarantee to be offered by any swimming pool manufacturer or installer within the borders of South Africa.

The Benefits of having a pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pool shell.
Our manufacturing process is designed to enable our pools to withstand extremely active soil conditions (turf & clay). As a result of the planned flexible nature of the shell it is far less likely to crack or deform.

Our fibreglass shells are manufactured in our own factory, this eliminates additional construction on the premises of the client, and is therefore quick and easy to install. Saving you time and money.

Fibreglass is a non-porous material, this means that chemicals in your water will last longer leading to lower maintenance costs; fibreglass shells also retains heat longer than other pool surfaces.

The surface is smooth; this reduces the time spent on cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool.  The gel-coat finish also adds to a seamlessly clean cut look and feel.
Penguin pools fibreglass shells are manufactured using only the best quality materials available; thus increasing the lifespan of the shell.