When flying over South Africa's main cities, it is noticeable how many houses have swimming pools in their backyards.  Chances are that more than half of those pools carry the Penguin Pools label. Why?  Penguin is pools and with nationwide member companies we are a household name and one of the foremost swimming pool companies in South Africa

Penguin Pools has a rich history and was founded in 1955. Penguin Pools Pretoria is owned by Mr JP du Plessis and is a family business with family values.  This legacy is carried on by the devoted family.  Penguin has been a major role player in the boom of the swimming pool industry in this country.  

Many people ask "why have a swimming pool?"  But, the real questions should be "why not have a swimming pool?"  Having your own private swimming pool provides recreation and relaxation, entertainment, aesthetics, fitness and therapy.  As one the foremost swimming pool builders in South Africa, we have enhanced many families' lives.  

Our comprehensive swimming pool service includes:

  • Construction of gunite and  swimming pools
  • Manufacturing of fibreglass swimming pools at our factories in Pretoria and Pietermaritzburg
  • Expert layout and design
  • Installation
  • Service, repairs and maintenance
  • Technology and equipment
  • Renovations

Apart from our residential pools, we are also well-known builders of Olympic, school and resort pools.  We work closely with architects, engineers, builders, town developers and landscapers.  The major national gymnasium networks have a preference towards Penguin and a lot of major national and international pool institutes enjoy or have enjoyed our long standing support. 

We are also known internationally as we enjoy rubbing shoulders with the international swimming pool industry to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas to stay informed and evolve with the industry.  We have the necessary licences and insurance and we supersede industry standards.  As such Penguin has received various international gold awards.

Our head office and warehouse is next to the N1 in East Lynn, Pretoria.  Whether you are embarking on building a pool or pool renovation, Penguin should be your well considered choice.  We like to get our hands dirty.  We do all our own work and we seldom use sub-contractors.

Our legacy affords us financial stability, sound structures and the ability to offer substantial guarantees.  A combination of incomparable engineering and top quality materials and equipment allows us to offer you a comprehensive swimming pool service unmatched by others.


From Our Family to Yours - Our Reputation Holds a Lot of Water