Written by Nicole

July 26, 2019

Water is our most precious resource, a natural wonder we simply cannot live without!

Water scarcity is a sad reality for South Africa and it is every persons responsibility to ensure that our future does not dry up.

Many would argue that a swimming pool is a luxury we simply cannot afford midst the pending water crisis in our country, we would like to argue that you simply cannot afford not to have one.

A reservoir in your home will ensure self sustainability should there ever be a ‘day zero’. Having access to clean water could possibly be the best investment a home owner can make.

How to be waterwise with your swimming pool?

Cover it up

The benefits of a solid cover are absolutely priceless!

Most consumers are aware of the safety and aesthetic benefits of a solid cover, but did you know that your solid cover is saving you money every single month?

The biggest savings stem from the energy and chemical usage drastically decreasing due to the shelter provided from the sun. Exposure to the sun is also linked to water loss due to evaporation causing the water level to drop.

Switch to cartridge

When a sand filter is installed, this uses an average of 1000l per backwash! Backwashing your swimming pool is crucial to ensure proper filtration and should be done once a week to release pressure from the filter.

When installing a cartridge filter to your pool the backwashing feature is eliminated saving the consumer copious amounts of time and water. An added benefit is a clean and clear swimming pool filtered down to approximately 50 micron.

Catridge filters are easy to maintain as the cartridge is cleaned once every few months by allowing the cartridge to dry in the sun and the removing all debris before re-insertion.

It is however important to remember that flocculants cannot be used with a cartridge filter.

Keep it clean

Water balance is a crucial part of swimming pool maintenance, if your swimming pool is well maintained and the water is often tested to ensure the correct levels, clean water is guaranteed!

A salt water chlorinator provides a cleaner form of chlorine and will therefore provide the user with a household friendly water quality in the event of crisis.

The salt water chlorinator recycles the salt in the swimming pool reducing the time spent on maintaining the swimming pool, the end goal is therefore to ensure good quality water with the least amount of chemicals. Easy on the eyes, skin and pocket!

At Penguin Pools we are passionate about healthy, happy swimming and strive on providing our client with a practical, cost efficient swimming pool that is optimally designed to save on water, energy and time. Call us today to discuss your dream swimming pool and invest in your future!

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