Has your swimming pool lost its appeal?  Does it look run down and in dire need of attention?  Renovating your pool has never been this easy.  Whether your swimming pool needs a minor facelift or an extreme makeover, we have the experience and expertise to bring your swimming pool back to life.

It is surprising how different and new a swimming pool looks after being renovated and when clients look at the before and after pictures, they are sometimes astonished at how easy and affordable it was to restore their swimming pool to its former beauty.

We attend to leaks, re-surfacing, crack and structural repairs, painting and upgrading.  Our renovations also include shape, size and depth changes, along with the installation of various heating options. 

Penguin Pools also undertakes small swimming pool repairs such as tile replacements,  light bulb changes and filter leaks.  Thus, even if your pool just needs a little tender love and care, we are still the right choice.

The before and after process in renovating a swimming pool can be seen below:

Before RenovationAfter Renovation 
91  149
150 151
We also specialize in small repairs such as a light bulb change or a filter leak. whatever the problem, we have the qualified men for the job with the necissary experience and know-how.