Spa Pools

A Spa Pool is a combination of a traditional pre-molded fiberglass swimming pool shell with the luxury of a spa.  Four conveniently placed jets and an extra pump ensure that the typical relaxing swimming experience is kicked up a notch for that extra bit of fun and enjoyment.

A spa pool provides you with the best of both worlds.  We appreciate that it is not always easy  to choose between a swimming pool and a spa and that having both is also sometimes not practical or affordable, therefore


we offer our clients a convenient two-for-one option.

The jets used in the spa pools are imported from Europe and comply to international standards.  We offer a variety of models to choose from to suit your family and your lifestyle.  Gone are the days of merely having a swim, with a spa pool you will discover a whole new world of relaxation and enjoyment.
Spa pools are easy to maintain and easy to use, they provide you with hydrotherapy, which has added health benefits where water and heat work together to massage and sooth for relaxation and pampering.

Swim all year round with Penguin Pools Spa Pools